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A Very Pleasant Welcome To You.


Hi, here at Delta Software Solutions, our aim is to offer a wide range of database management services from a single location.

We are very much aware of the challenges, that companies and individuals face on a daily basis, when it comes to management of information that critically affect activities of their lives and existence. This suite of applications which attempts to cover a wide range of activities to facilitate database management and systems control includes the following -:

Human Resources Management

Mass Transit Management

Finance Management

Charters Management

Fleet Management

Events Management

Purchasing And Inventory Control Management

Personal Finances Management

Staff Scheduling Management

Bus Fleet Management

Intranet System Management

Small Business Management

Household Information Management

Day Care Management

Adult Care Management

Church Affairs Management

Payroll Processing Management

Educational And Training

These systems, even though diversed, have a lot in common. They speak to the need for the existence of mechanisms to collect, store and manipulate data to the benefit of all; with respect to the purpose which is intended to be served.


How to access these services -:

The provision of these services is expected to be by subscription. This mode of service ensures a high level of affordability especially to those intended that may not have the disposable income to purchase an entire system on their own, but would still wish to have access to technologies that could make their business or cause affordable and practical.

Signing Up

The system will allow for intended users to sign up to become part of Delta Software Solutions membership. When the user initiates membership via the menu selection provided, he/she will be ported to a screen that will request the following information -:

*Last Name
*First Name
*Age Range
*User Name
*Email Address

All the fields with an asterisk(*) preceding it, means that the said field requires information.

After signing up, the user will receive communication from our company via provided email. The information will include a Username and Password to the website.

The user will be able to use his/her password to access the facilities provided at the [Delta Software Solutions] site.

After receiving a Username and Password, the user will be recognised as an intended member of the Management Services Group. After this point the user can then apply for the provision of Client Services.

The Client services relates to the options listed in the menu on the home page.
When the request for these services is made, the user will be presented with a dialog page which will collect the following information for processing -:

User Name
Service Group
Company Name/Business Reference

After providing the necessary information, the user will confirm whether he/she wishes to continue with their request. Once confirmed, the user will be subsequently provided with a Group ID, by the System Administrator.

The user will be informed via email of the cost associated with the desired service(s) and will make the necessary provisions to make the Subscription fees.

These fees will be regulated on a monthly basis and payments will be facilitated via PayPal.

On reciept of initial payment, the Users Account will be open and activated. The user on visiting the website subsequently, will be able to click the respective service and proceed to configuring the system base upon their particular circumstances.

When the user visits the site, he/she can use the Check Status button to reveal the following information -:
User Name
Company/Business Reference
Business Code
Client Services Group
Account Status
Country Of Operation

If the desired prompts are blank, this would indicate that the user has not logged in to the System. If a user wishes to access more than one Client Service, he/she will apply seperately for such and will be assigned the appropriate Group ID and Password .

If the user wishes to have an ID photo associate with their pages, he/she will be required to submit the electronic photo via email to our website. The page(s) will be configured to display the said photo on every page accessed during a given work/transaction session of the said member.

This process would add a layer of security, as it dynamically displays the photo of the individual who has initiated a work/transaction session on behalf of the Company or Business Reference. See Image-: Figure 1

Session Image
Figure 1.

The above sample shows an extract from the Human Resources module. Here the user has the opportunity to perform activities guided by a menu and associated sub-menus. All information gathered will be securely stored and associated with the user who has made those entries.


You can get help on all the options available with detailed information on how the various modules work.

Looking forward to working with you...

Andy Jordan
Delta Software Solutions

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